What We Do

We have a variety of services that we offer, which cover everything from basic computer and networking support to full-stack development, and everything in between! Check out some of the services that we offer below.

Don’t forget, if you don’t see what you are looking for in this list, feel free to Contact Us to see if we can be of assistance!

System Tune-up – $89.99

A system tune-up starts with a complete system diagnostic (used to document any problems that are found on a device, software or hardware-related, and recommend solutions to them) and uses the information gathered to implement solutions to the problems identified. We use a combination of online, offline, and manual techniques to ensure that your computer is running better than it did the day you got it.

Personal Data Backup/Restoration – $59.99*

Personal data backups should be performed prior to any work that may compromise the integrity of data stored on a system to protect your data. This is always recommended prior to the installation/upgrade of Operating Systems and major service packs/bug fixes. We also recommend performing regularly scheduled monthly backups, in case of system failure or virus attack. First three CD/DVDs are included, additional disks are $1.99/ea. We do NOT store your data! You must have backup data for us to perform a restoration at a later date.
*NOTE: Price is per Terabyte. CD/DVD data backups are only available for backups under 20Gb in size, all larger backups must be done on a customer-supplied external hard drive.

Software Installation – $24.99

We can install and configure any legally licensed software title on your system. Price does not include the title itself, though we are more than happy to use our resources to find you the best deal and acquire the title for you.

Hardware Installation – $24.99

While most companies charge different rates based on the type of hardware installed, we feel like that’s dirty pool. Prices shown are applicable to any hardware device (internal or external) that is compatible with your system, and are rated on a sliding scale based on the number of parts being installed.

Number of Devices. $price:

  1. $24.99
  2. $44.99
  3. $59.99
  4. Complete custom PC assembly: $79.99

Operating System Installation – $59.99

Like our software installation service, we can install and configure operating systems on your device, and are more than happy to use our resources to find you the best deals on Windows operating systems. We also provide Linux installation services and media. $29.99 if you are having the OS installed on a machine we are building for you!

Linux Installation Media – $4.99

If you would like to use a Linux distribution as your operating system, we offer installation disks (CD or DVD) for next-to-nothing, for those people who don’t want to hassle with downloading and burning the disks themselves (almost all Linux variations are FOSS software). Disks come in paper sleeves or slim hard cases (if available). $1.99/disk if you provide the disks/cases!

Disk Wipe/Recondition – $99.99

We provide secure data removal and disk reconditioning services for IDE, SATA and USB hard drives and flash memory. This recommended if you are selling/disposing of any computer containing sensitive data to protect your identity. We use an array of data obfuscation and removal techniques to guarantee that your data is completely removed from the device for your safety.

Secure Physical Disk Destruction – $179.99

Secure destruction of hard drives using a five-step process for added security and anonymity. All disks are wiped and reconditioned prior to destruction.

Data Recovery Services – $129.99

Ever lose an important file right when you needed it the most? We can get it back! Hard drive (internal and external IDE or SATA) data recovery services are $129.99, USB flash drives are $149.99. $39.99 if data is unrecoverable.

General Hourly Rate – $55/hour

For everything that doesn’t quite fit into one of the categories above, our regular hourly rate is $55.

Home Network Setup/Configuration – $75/hour.

Do you have internet at home, but are having trouble getting it set up and working correctly? Can’t access your email? We offer home network setup, support, and assistance services.

Wireless Network Setup/Configuration $75/hour.

Need your home set up with wireless connectivity? We are happy to help get your home WiFi network setup and configured for all of your devices to use! Price includes setup of up to 3 wireless devices, additional devices are $10 each.

Home Network Cabling (Non-Permanent) – $75/hour.**

Did you get a new computer or network device that you need to run a network cable to? We can do that! We are happy to run ethernet and/or coaxial cable through the inside of your home (either along the baseboards, or pinned to the wall/ceiling), making the cable the exact length you need, without making a mess.

Home Network Cabling (Permanent) – $75/hour.**

Want to connect your network devices, but don’t want to see the cables throughout your house? We can install them directly in the walls of your home, leaving cable outlets exactly where you need them on the wall. Depending on the house, cables will either be installed on the exterior of the home, or run through the ceiling/basement to get them where they need to go.

**NOTE: Prices do not include the cost of materials required for the installation. Ethernet/coaxial cable is an additional $1.50/ft., and an additional $45 per cable drop will be charged. Cost of other materials will be included as required.

Custom Website Design – $85/hour.

We also provide low-cost website design services! If your current website just needs a facelift, or you want one built completely from scratch, let us know! Please contact us to tell us about your design ideas, we will be happy to give you an estimate!

Managed Website Hosting – $99.99/year

We now offer managed website hosting services, which allow you to host your own website, without having to worry about having to maintain the servers yourself. We take care of keeping your website online, so you just have to worry about keeping it up to date. Our managed website hosting package includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you don’t ever have to worry about running out of space. Click here to learn more.

Software Development Services – $95/hour.

Have an idea for that latest app? Need custom tools to make your life, job, or workflow easier? You have come to the right place. We specialize in a variety of programming languages (primarily .NET-based technologies), and would be more than happy to help get your project going, bolster your existing team, and help see your project through to the very end. Contact us to tell us about your project or ideas, and we will be happy to work with you to bring your goals to life!

Software Documentation Services – $55/hour.

Have an existing software or web project, but no documentation to go along with it? We’re happy to help! We can assist you with writing project documentation, including source code documentation/commenting, class/architecture/workflow diagramming, and user manuals.