Fires burning bright People screaming in the night Fire burning in the sky Fire’s burning you and I Fires turning cold to hot Brightly burning in this spot It may light the night sky But will always... Read More

I Am

I am strange and wonderful I wonder what is really out there I want to have my dreams come true I am strange and wonderful I pretend fairs exist I feel alone sometimes I worry when I’ll lose my love... Read More

I see more than you think I see your pain I see you’re hiding You’ve been through a lot So have I You can call on me When you need someone The smiles are fake The laughter’s not real Holding you... Read More

Lots of death Little left Plenty of tears Knowing the time nears Giving up Losing things Having to start over Saying goodbye Never getting enough of it Barely getting by Sick and tired of it What’s ... Read More

I thought you loved me, I thought it was true, You thought you played me, Well you got played too. You may be the player, But I am the coach. So sit down and watch, While you get zoned. Next time you ... Read More