Unpacking the TI Stellaris LaunchPad

Posted by Jarren Long at 2012-11-14 00:33:41

Alright, my first post on the temp site while I abandon ship from GoDaddy! Got home tonight to find that my newest microcontroller development kit came in the mail today! For $9.98, I received two brand new TI Stellaris LaunchPad Evaluation boards, preloaded with the Texas Instruments LM4F120 Series of ARM Cortex-M4 processor. This little beast cranks out 80MHz of 32-bit goodness. With a built-in FPU, this little baby is well suited for any application where calculation and accuracy are key (industrial, automotive, etc.). It also features 256KB of single-cycle 40MHz Flash/32KB SRAM/2KB EEPROM, and built-in USB debugging and JTAG support out of the box.

Speaking of out of the box, behold!

Stellaris Stellaris Stellaris

After reading through the welcome booklet, it was time to plug the eval kit and try out the demo program that comes with it. After switching the device to debug and plugging it into my laptop, the board flashed green, and then started cycling through the colors of the spectrum. Pressing the SW1 and SW2 buttons let me cycle through the colors manually, just to let me know the buttons work :) Right out of the box, this simple display of power is already making me ready to dig in. SDK installation in progress, more to come!

Stellaris Stellaris