Unknown and Endless Possibilities

Posted by Debra Shutt at 2016-11-07 21:24:43

I was born in a world of unknown and endless possibilities. A time where hate was common and love was an unknown figure in the shadows. Roads were never ending and buildings kept on growing. People were dying and people were living. There were police and fires everywhere. I was born into a world of chaos and destruction.

In this world there is constant fighting. Critical thinking is frowned upon and mindless morons are praised. Media is changing and lying more and more.I never know who is telling the truth. In this world no one knows who they can trust.

Being raised in an ever changing world brings no stability. Unemployment, death, and crime rates are on a continuous roller-coaster ride. Will tomorrow be better than today? Will it be better than yesterday? What about 3 weeks or even 3 years ago? Being raised in an ever changing world brings up unanswerable questions.