Task Killer

Posted by Jarren Long at 2013-10-20 01:51:07

Does your computer run slow all the time? Oftentimes, there are extra applications and services that run in the "background" that you never see, hear, or use, yet they still use up your computer's precious resources. While there are ways to make these background applications disappear, it can be a tedious task that requires an in-depth knowledge of how your computer operates.

Task Killer is designed to seek out these extra programs and silently close every one of them for you, instantly speeding up your computer by as much as 50% with a single click! Task Killer looks like your standard Windows Task Manager, but provides the extra functionality to make it easier to "kill" those unwanted application. Task Killer also comes with a built-in Command Prompt, for computers that have had the default Command Prompt disabled (either by an Administrator or a virus), making it the ultimate diagnostic tool for a quick PC speed boost. Try it today!