Spokane People - An Open Forum for Spokane's Neighborhoods To Use

Posted by Jarren Long at 2017-10-09 20:07:26

For anyone who is interested, I have put together a bulletin board called "Spokane People", and I welcome everyone in Spokane to use it as an open forum to post whatever you would like to that involves your neighborhood. I have added a section for each neighborhood in Spokane, so everyone can have their own area to use. 100% free, and less restrictive than other social media platforms. You could think of it as a hybrid between Facebook, NextDoor, and CraigsList, with a clean design that looks as good on a computer as it does a smartphone. There's also sections specifically for Buy/Sell/Trade/ISO posts, Free Business Listings, and Upcoming Community Events. Check it out at https://spokane.booksnbytes.net/.