Omega2, the $5 IoT computer

Posted by Jarren Long at 2016-08-18 11:30:50

Alright, this thing is pretty cool for a #Kickstarter project. If you're looking for a tiny Internet of Things (#IoT) computer, check out the Onion Omega2! It's an #arduino-compatible PC running full blown #Linux, and has integrated W802.11B/G/N Wifi, and can be expanded with Bluetooth 4.0, 2G/3G cellular, and GPS modules for connectivity, along with a bunch of other mods/expansion boards available. On it's own, its just a little bit bigger than your average cherry (yes, the fruit kind), making it quite a bit smaller than other comparable devices on the market. Looks like the base model is $5, and the plus model (better CPU/memory plus a few other little features) is going for $9. Check it out!

Omega 2