Live Bingo

Posted by Jarren Long at 2013-10-20 01:00:15

Live Bingo! was an application developed in 2011 over the course of 1 week to showcase our rapid development skills. The application was designed for the Spokane Community College SkillsUSA club as a fundraising tool and helper utility for running Live Bingo games that could be managed by a single person. The game provides a full Bingo board with all of the balls, and provides a Live webcam that can be positioned at the bottom of the ball drop, and displayed on a projector for the audience to see. When a ball is dropped, it can be marked off the board with a single click, allowing blitz Bingo games to be played with minimal downtime between ball drops.

Live Bingo!

The Live Bingo game also provides a few accounting features, which include:

  • Game start/stop time tracking
  • Customizable game ID number and/or Color
  • Ball drop time logging