Light's Out!

Posted by Jarren Long at 2013-10-20 01:00:00

Light's Out was originally developed in 2006, when we still went by the name of JincS, Inc. as a fun puzzle game to stimulate the mind into recognizing visual patterns. In 2012, Light's Out was quickly ported from it's original C++ source code to C#.NET. Eventually, we plan to port this to Android and iOS platforms as well.

The Story

You are Johnathan O'Reily of the United Militias of Earth, stationed in Hollywood, California. The war to end all wars has begun. Your job in Hollywood is to make sure that, if there is an air raid, you get all of the lights turned out in your building, the Hilton Hotel. You have one small problem: the telephones in the building have all shorted out, and all of the guests are very unsatisfied with their service. They will not listen. If, in the event of a raid, you need to turn out all of the lights, you're gonna have to do it yourself. Turn out all of the lights to save the Hilton Hotel and it's bitchy celebrity guests from being blown to Hell!

Playing Light's Out!

To play Light's Out, all you have to do to turn the lights on and off is click on the "window" that you want to change. When all of the lights go off, you will advance to the next level. Good luck!