Brainf*ck IDE

Posted by Jarren Long at 2013-10-20 01:00:02

Brainfck (AKA Brainfuck, lolcode, moocode, and many other variants) is a Turing-complete "esoteric" programming language that uses 8 instructions to model the inner workings of a computer. The Brainfck IDE was developed to provide a simple Integrated Development Environment/debugger/interpreter/compiler for Brainf*ck code.

Brainf*ck IDE

The Brainf*ck IDE includes support for:

  • Creating/modifying Brainfck (.b|*.bf) source code files
  • Running plaintext Brainf*ck code using builtin interpreter
  • Compiling plaintext Brainf*ck code into binary data that can be executed by the builtin interpreter
  • Debugging: Start/stop/pause/single step/Step out (of loops)/breakpoints, customizable starting array size
  • Visual debugger: Shows a 2D grid representing the contents of the Brainf*ck array as your code runs!

Check out the project here on GitHub