Book Review: Death in B329

Posted by Jarren Long at 2015-01-02 13:40:49

In Debra Shutt's short story, "Death in B329", Tater, the dog turned man protagonist, experiences a day in the life of a human as he searches endlessly for the cure to his unusual condition. After a rude encounter with his suspicious neighbor, Tater continues his quest to retrieve the secret ingredients for the cure, finding himself on the run from the very person whom he seeks to protect. Once the final encounter has passed, Tater finds himself one step closer to the cure, and safe for another year. In "Death in B329", the author uses an excellent combination of simplicity and description to paint a vivid image of the plot (nearing graphic proportions at times), while remaining safe for all ages. The author skillfully personified Tater to reflect the childlike innocence of a young man, while maintaining the inquisitive and loyal traits of man's best friend. In the end, the story taught that even the people you know and love can have a secret. It was very evident that the author enjoyed writing this tale, and I am certainly looking forward to reading her future writings.